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Tea this week come in four varieties from Dragon Well Tea Shop in North Adams, MA.

• Sencha is the middle path of green teas, gently vegetal and lightly sweet

• Mild Moroccan Mint is a modern twist on the classic friendship tea, adding spearmint and orange peels to a smooth yet vegetal green tea

• Rose petal Black adds fragrant red roses to Keemum black tea for a gently floral treat

Earl Grey is another classic tea upgrade that blends Keemun and Ceylon black with fragrant bergamot oil

• Balance Blend mellows the earthy tang of green rooibos, dandelion root, and nettles by mixing in licorice root, calendula, lavender, and peppermint

• Sage Advisor is a savory, subtly sweet, and contemplative blend that includes rooibos, wild cherry bark, licorice root, marshmallow root, and sage

• Maté Magic is a lively blend of green and roasted Yerba Maté, licorice root, orange peel, and orange blossoms.

Golden Fire is a fiery blend of ginger, turmeric pieces, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric powder, honeybush, ground peppercorns, and cayenne

One ounce of tea typically brews ten decent-sized cups of tea, and you can purchase 10-packs of disposable tea filters for just $1.

You can visit the tea house, nestled near the base of Mount Greylock, at 149 Eagle Street in North Adams on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Details are on the website.