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About the artwork

Local artist Stacey Leonard produced custom, hand drawn illustrations for the New Lebanon farmers market.

These illustrations were created with a Shaker color palette and do a wonderful job conveying the beauty of fresh produce and handmade products. We respect the intellectual property of our artists. Any and all use, reproduction, or modification of the artwork is forbidden. All rights reserved. All artwork Copyright © 2021 Stacey Leonard.

About Stacey Leonard, Artist

Stacey Leonard is a published illustrator and graphic designer living in Saratoga County. After 13 years working as a freelance designer, Leonard now serves as the creative director for multiple businesses and projects. She has compiled a varied and colorful portfolio of designs and illustrations in several categories over the years, including: web, print, books and publishing, business branding, events, apparel, product, tattoo, interior, architecture, and more. You can check out her website here.

When she is not busy in her studio, Leonard spends her time in the garden, cooking, doing pottery, kayaking, writing music, and exploring nature.