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Hot sauce

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Hot sauce this week comes from three local producers, Alima's Cuisine, the Demby Sisters, and Hosta Hill.

Offering two traditional West African sauces, Alima is from Old Chatham, NY. Her recipes have been passed down through generations in Alima's family.

Offering two fermented, probiotic-rich hot sauces, Hosta Hill is an independent business committed to producing bold, vibrant, and healing foods from Western Massachusetts. The original red sauce includes red ripened jalapeños, garlic, and sea salt. Fermented to perfection, it's a beautiful extra spicy red sauce that goes great on anything you want to kick up a notch! The smokey green sauce is a fermented hot sauce made with organic jalapeños, smoked garlic, and sea salt. It's spicy and has delicious smokey flavor with notes of green chilis.

SOLD OUT — Offering a unique variety of salsa from southern Mexico, the Demby Sisters are in New Lebanon, NY. This salsa macha is made from a special blend of smoked and dried chilis, toasted sesame seeds and garlic, and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. With a slow smokey burn, a lot of umami, and just the right hint of sweet, it's totally addictive! You'll want to put it on everything and wonder how you ever lived without it.