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Goat cheese

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Goat cheese this week comes in several fresh and aged varieties from Ardith Mae in Stuyvesant, NY:

Mammuth, done in the style of camembert, is a small wheel with an elegant, unique, complex and yet delicate flavor

Silhouette, the perfect addition to any cheese plate is dense, creamy, and marked by a thin layer of vegetable ash through the middle

Bigelo, a pyramid coated in vegetable ash, following the style of a classic French Valencay is tangy and well balanced when it's young and gooey and more potent as it ages

Doolan, the cheesemaker's favorite cheese strikes the perfect balance of sweet and salty on the one hand and dense and creamy on the other — and is, also, totally adorbs

• The classic chevre is silky smooth, tangy, and very spreadable

• The basil chevre is the classic chevre with fresh basil

• The spicy chevre is the classic chevre with roasted hot chiles and garlic

• The scape chevre is the classic chevre with garlic scapes

• The honey lavender is the classic chevre with local honey and lavender

Meantime, goat ricotta is here, and goat feta is here.