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Chocolate bars, chips, cocoa & fudge sauce

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Chocolate this week comes in several varieties from local and national producers:

• 3oz bars of organic mint crunch 70% dark chocolate come from Boho Chocolate in Florence, MA

• 3oz bars of organic 87% dark chocolate come from Boho Chocolate in Florence, MA

• 4.5oz bars of dark chocolate, whole roasted almonds and hazelnuts, cranberries, and orange zest come from Berkshire Bark in Sheffield, MA

• Semi-sweet chocolate baking chips come by the 12oz bag from Ghirardelli

• Organic hot cocoa mix comes by the 12oz bag from Dean's Beans in Orange, MA

• Fudge sauce made by Herrell's is in a 10oz jar and is best for ice cream, in cookies, and drizzled on cakes and fruit. Made in Northampton, MA