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Soft cheeses

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Soft cheeses this week come from multiple producers:

» A triple-cream and camembert come from Four Fat Fowl in Stephentown, NY

  • The triple cream, called St. Stephen or simply Steve, is made from jersey cow’s milk and cream, which create a silky interior with buttery and milky overtones while the bloomy rind adds an earthy flavor and nutty undertones

  • The camembert, called Camembertha, has a soft-ripened bloomy rind, milky and vegetal tones, and excellent funky vibes

» A tangy, light, and sweet chevre made from the milk of pastured Nubian goats comes from Thomas Farm in Sunderland, MA, comes in 8oz cups

» Cabot cottage cheese is available in full-fat and fat-free varieties in 16oz containers