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Packet of seeds

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Organic seeds come by the packet from Fedco Seeds, a worker- and consumer-owned cooperative in Clinton, ME. There are 28 varieties of mostly vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

(1) Provider Bush Green Bean - Described as having a rich, beany taste. A gardener's choice for dilly beans and other canned goodies. 5-5½ inch pods.

(2) Royal Burgundy Bush Purple Bean - 5-inch purple beans that grow on low bushes and turn bright green when blanched!

(3) Ashworth Yellow Sweet Corn - This sweet corn only grows to be around 5-feet tall, with 6 to 7 inch 12-row ears.

(4) Green Arrow Shell Pea - Hardy peas with 7 to 8 peas in long pods. The vines grow to a manageable 3-feet with heavy yields.

(5) Sugar Ann Snap Pea - Plant these peas early in the cooler temps of April and in 58 days you will have delicious and sweet snap peas on dwarf 2-foot vines.

(6) Marketmore 76 Slicing Cucumber - A dark-green classic, slicing cucumber. 8½-inch fruits.

(7) Green Machine Zucchini - Very quick-growing (45 days) medium-dark green zuke with great disease resistance.

(8) Zeppelin Delicata Squash - An 1894 heirloom. 1-pound pale-yellow fruits with dark green stripes and extra sweet flavor.

9)  Waltham Butternut Squash - These squash are perfect when picked around 9-inches long and weighing 4 to 5 pounds. Stores excellently.

(10) Winter Luxury Culinary Pumpkin - 7- to 8-pound round, sweet pie pumpkins!

(11) New England Pie Culinary Pumpkin - Pie pumpkin with many, small pumpkins per vine. Also known as Small Sugar pumpkin, sometimes each pumpkin averages 4¼pounds.

(12) Nantes Fancy Main Season Carrot - Orange carrot, growing 7-inches long and crispy. Stores well.

(13) Chioggia Guardsmark Beet - Very sweet beet. It has striking alternating white and pink rings in the interior. Best when harvested before getting too large.

(14) Black Seeded Simpson Looseleaf Lettuce - Ruffley, light-green lettuce that is early to produce (42 days). Heirloom from 1850.

(15) Red Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce - Bronze and green frilly oak-leaf-shaped leaves are buttery and excellent in mesclun.

(16) Flashy Green Butter Oak Oakleaf Lettuce - Small, bright-green leaves with attractive, variable dark speckles. Very tasty and crunchy.

(17) Greens Mix - At least five varieties chosen from among beets, chard, arugula, mustards, orachs, purslane, chervil and kales suitable for mesclun or braising.

(18) Arugula - Cold hardy and a little bit spicy.

(19) Silverado Chard - Very cold hardy. Beautiful chard with dark-green crinkly, savoy leaves and narrow bright-white stems.

(20) Red Russian Siberian Kale - Tender green leaves with red and purple veins that turn dark green when cooked. Delicate in flavor, this kale makes great microgreens.

(21) Jaluv an Attitude Hot Pepper - 2,500–8,000 Scoville units. This pepper is a blend of a jalapeño and a new pepper called, 45° N Attitude. The creator loves the 45° N Attitude for its hot, fruity flavor and thin skin. They decided to cross the two peppers for the combined benefits.

(22) Pink Brandywine Slicing Tomato - Pink beefsteak tomato, averaging around 1-pound each. Tart and deep flavor.

(23) Amish Paste Paste Tomato - Great tomato for cooking, canning, and eating fresh. Usually weighing around a half-pound each. These oxheart fruits are thick-fleshed and bright red.

(24) Nelly Chives - Hardy perennial. Subtle and delicious onion flavor from green, grass-like, hollow sprigs.

(25) Caribe Cilantro - This strain holds well in heat longer without bolting.

(26) Bouquet Dill - Nice, sweet flavor. Allow this plant to flower, and it produces beautiful blooms that are excellent for pollinators.

(27) Zeolights Calendula - This classic, yellow flower known for it's medicinal purposes takes on a pretty pink-and-yellow tinge due to the back of the petals being rose-colored.

(28) Evening Sun Sunflower - Tall, 6- to 8-foot multi-branching plants with large 3- to 5-inch blooms in sunset colors of gold, burgundy, maroon, and bronze with many bicolor blends. Loved by pollinators.