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Pot pies

Regular price $19.75

Pot pies are on offer this week by two local producers, NLBCo and Lyons Baking Co

Based in New Lebanon, NY, NLBCo is offering two types of big 7" pot pies that serve four people. After forty-five minutes to an hour in a 350° oven, they are ready to eat.

• The chicken pot pie includes abundant dark and white meat that comes from YundWell in Canaan and potatoes and carrots that come from Abode Farm in New Lebanon

• The beef pot pie includes rich, stewed brisket from Sir William Angus in Craryville and potatoes and carrots from Abode Farm in New Lebanon

• The mushroom pot pie includes a full pound of mixed mushrooms from Delftree in North Adams, MA; a mix of roots vegetables, including potatoes, parsnip, and turnop; and fistfuls of fresh herbs

• The kale pot pie includes curly and lacinato kale from the Berry Patch in Stephentown, NY, as well as mushrooms from Delftree in North Adams, MA

Based in Lanesborough, MA, Lyons Baking Co is offering chicken pot pies as well as 9" vegan vegetable pot pies. After thirty to forty-five minutes in a 350° oven, these are ready to eat. These pies are available at the Thursday market only.