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Pasta this week is organic and comes in four varieties from Sfoglini, which is based in West Coxsackie, NY

• The einkorn macaroni pairs the classic shape with the nutty, toasty taste and high levels protein and essential nutrients of the ancient grain

• The whole grain reginetti is made with organic hard red wheat flour and organic durum semolina for richness and nutrition. This ribbon-shaped pasta compliments any sauce.

• "Cascatelli is the result of one pasta-obsessed podcaster with a dream," says Eater. The creator designed the pasta to maximize 'sauceability' or how readily sauce adheres to the shape, 'forkability' or how easy it is to get the shape on your fork and keep it there, and 'toothsinkability' or how satisfying it is to sink your teeth into it.

• The radiators use an organic, durum semolina flour that has higher protein levels, exceptional flavor, texture, and nutrition. The ruffled edges make this pasta superb at capturing more sauce.

Sold out • The cavatelli have rounded, ridged curves that roll into a hollow shape built to hold thicker sauces alongside chunky, seasonal vegetables

Sold out • The rigatoni is slightly wider than a penne and has the same built-in ridges on the sides to help sauces cling. They are a perfect match for hearty sauces, roasted veg and casseroles.