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Hard cheeses

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Hard and semi-hard cheeses this week come in three varieties from three local producers:

• Short round is a buttery raw milk cheese with a light brown-gray rind, a pale yellow interior, and tiny eyes dotted throughout. It's perfect for fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and comes from Berle Farm in Hoosick Falls, NY.

• Stella Vallis is a raw-milk tomme made in the French Alpine tradition. It has nutty and sharp flavors, a firm yet pliant texture, and a natural, edible rind. It comes from Chaseholm Farm in Pine Plains, NY.

• The semi-hard gouda is made from a mix of sheep, cow, and goat's milk and has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a long finish. It has aromas of cream and cooked butter and tangy flavors of butterscotch and sour cream. It comes from Old Chatham Creamery in Groton, NY.

• Crybaby is matured for at least two months and has subtle, nutty aroma and the classic swiss cheese bite. It comes from Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, CT.

• Parmigiano reggiano, aged 24 months, comes in 7oz wedges

• Grana padano, aged 11 months, comes in 7oz wedges

• Pecorino romano, aged 9 months, comes in 7oz wedges

• Grated parmigiano reggiano comes in 5oz containers from Murray's Cheese

• Vegan parmesan comes by the 5oz wedge from Violife