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Handmade soap and shower steamers

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Handmade soaps and shower steamers are on offer by two local producers.

Offering soaps and shower steamers, Natural Wallflower is a small business in East Nassau, NY, whose products are all handmade with the best natural ingredients, including clays, herbs, essential oils, and plant based oils.

• The awake shower steamers include orange essential oil and menthol crystals to steam you awake to be ready for the day

• The relax shower steamers include lavender essential oil and menthol crystals to steam away stress

• The breathe shower steamers include eucalyptus essential oil and menthol crystals to brighten your day

Offering goats' milk soaps, Goats n’ Giggles is a small local business inspired by a mom's personal experience with her son's sensitive skin.

All of these products are excellent for personal use as well as gifts.