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Flash-frozen fish this week comes via BerkShore in one-pound packages in three varieties:

• Salmon is farm-raised in the Gulf of Maine. These filets are cut from the center of the salmon side.

• Haddock is locally caught off the Boston pier. These filets are flaky and very tender.

• Swordfish is USA-caught. These filets have a typically firm and steak-like texture.

• Squid is locally caught off the Boston pier. The calamari is mild and tender when cooked properly, which means either very briefly or for a half-hour or more in a sauce.

• Monkfish is locally caught off the Boston pier. It is sweet, mild, firm, and almost meaty in texture, all of which is why it is sometimes called "poor man's lobster."

• Skate filets come from the wing of this fish. It has a mild flavor and a texture similar that of scallop or crab. It's classic in French cuisine, which it is pan fried in brown butter with capers.