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Kraut & kimchi

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Fermented vegetables this week come from two local producers.

Hosta Hill produces bold, vibrant, and healing foods from Pittsfield, MA:

• The traditional sauerkraut is simply lacto-fermented cabbage and salt and has all the tangy, organically grown crunch that makes Hosta Hill famous

• The kimchi is a handmade, small-batch Korean-style mix of veggies — including napa cabbage, daikon, onion, carrot, garlic, ginger — and fish sauce and has the perfect amount of heat, crunch, and distinctive flavor

Hawthorne Valley Farm is in Ghent, NY:

• The turmeric sauerkraut, a ferment of organic cabbage, fresh turmeric, jalapenos, and cumin, is anti-inflammatory with a spicy kick

• The ginger carrots, a ferment of organic cabbage, carrots, and ginger, are aromatic and flavorful