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Tangelos, clementines, kumquats & mandarinquats

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This week we have three varieties of unique and delicious citrus from away:

• Minneola tangelos are super sweet and probably the best of any snacking orange around. They have a distinct tangerine-honey flavor that is unique to this variety.

• Classic, snackable and sweet clementines

• Bergamots or bergamot oranges are a zesty and aromatic citrus that taste like a combination of lemon and sour orange and are known for being a primary flavor in Earl Grey tea.

• Organic meiwa kumquats come by the half-pound. The kumquat’s peel is sweet, while the flesh is acidic, and you eat the little things whole for a balanced but zesty, sweet-tart bite.

• Organic mandarinquarts are a hybrid of the mandarin and the kumquat. About twice as big as kumquats, they can be eaten whole and are sweet, tangy, and juicy.