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🥕 Volunteers needed

Our farmers market is growing!

Starting in June — exact date to be determined — we'll be operating a farmers market Wednesday through Saturday from noon till 6pm out of our current location at 528 US-20.

Yes, New Lebanon will have a grocery store again — or at least a very rough approximation of one. 🎉🎉🎉

This hinges on two key milestones ahead. We still need to finalize the support of a local foundation, Berkshire Agricultural Ventures, which proposes to finance our acquisition of critical equipment: two retail refrigerators and a single retail freezer.

In turn, this financing requires BAV's confidence that we can recruit volunteers to staff our effort. We've got a few volunteers already, and we're looking for eight or so additional people who can commit to a weekly four-hour shift. The work would be simple and fun — mostly welcoming walk-in customers and helping them check out.

Are you possibly interested? Have a neighbor who might want to help? Please send us an email at josh@newlebanonfarmersmarket.com or talk to us when you pick up your order.