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Hot sauce

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Hot sauce this week comes from several local producers:

• The sriracha is from Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA. It starts with ripe organic peppers, ground with organic garlic, sugar, and salt and fermented for a week. Then it is milled, cooked with vinegar, and bottled.

• Offering two traditional West African sauces, Alima's Cuisine is located in Old Chatham, NY. Her recipes have been passed down through generations in her family.

• Offering two fermented, probiotic-rich hot sauces, Hosta Hill is an independent business committed to producing bold, vibrant, and healing foods from Western Massachusetts.

> The original red sauce includes red ripened jalapeños, garlic, and sea salt. Fermented to perfection, it's a beautiful extra spicy red sauce that goes great on anything you want to kick up a notch!

> The smokey green sauce is a fermented hot sauce made with organic jalapeños, smoked garlic, and sea salt. It's spicy and has delicious smokey flavor with notes of green chilis.

• The ground fresh chili paste sambal oelek by Huy Fong Foods is a great topper sauce or base to heat up a dish

• The signature harissa by New York Shuk is moderately spicy and has red pepper base that is concentrated, jammy, and slowly sun-ripened the way a red pepper should be and comes from New York Shuk in New York City

• The gojuchang chile paste comes by the 4oz from by Lucky Food in Tualatin, OR

• Habanero red hot sauce and serrabanero green hot sauce come by the 8oz bottle from Aardvark in Secret Aardvark Trading Co. in Portland, OR