Give a Thanksgiving bundle to a family in need

Regular price $52.10

We've partnered up this season with the local Girl Scout troop to help local families who could use a hand.

Troop 1759 has ten members, and they've already completed two food access projects this year, planting raspberries and giving away seeds and seedlings they cultivated.

This fall, they are collecting food items for about fifteen families on the basis of need. The food they collect will be distributed at the elementary school by staff on Wednesday the 24th.

Here's how you can help! We're looking for generous sponsors for fifteen Thanksgiving bundles for local families. Here's what each bundle will include:

🥔 Four pounds gold potatoes

🧅 Six yellow onions

🥬 One pound fresh spinach

🍎 Eight snap dragon apples

🍌 Six bananas

🍞 Two loaves of bread

🥛 Two gallons of milk

Each Thanksgiving bundle is $52.10. On behalf of the farmers, the farmers market, and the girl scouts of New Lebanon, we're asking you to sponsor a Thanksgiving bundle if you can.

You can do so on the website right here or by dropping into the market.