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Marinated eye round steaks

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Local butcher New Lebanon Baloney Co is offering marvelous marinated steaks this week.

These are eight-ounce portions from the eye of round. That's a muscle from the so-called round primal, which comes from the rump and rear leg of the animal. The muscle is used for movement, so it's very lean and has superb flavor.

But it does need a certain approach to achieve optimal texture! For one, the marinade tenderizes the cut. And what's that marinade? It includes small-batch red wine vinegar, evoo, garden-fresh oregano, fresh garlic and shallots, brown mustard, kosher salt, and black pepper. It also helps to slice the steak thin when plated. Adding it to a salad or even sandwiches would also be excellent.

This beef comes from fully grass-fed animals via Hardwick Beef.