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Beer by the growler

Regular price $26.40

Based in Cherry Plain, NY, the Beer Diviner is offering several growlers this week.

The prices include $4 for the cost of a new growler. If you have a growler to return, please make sure it’s clean and bring it in. We'll return your $4 on the spot.

• Mostly Mosaic Session IPA is a hazy new england IPA with a New York base malt, vermont ale yeast, New York columbus, citra, bru-2, and mosaic hops • 4.5% ABV

• Tom's Blue Hefeweizen is a traditional, refreshing german hefeweizen with 50% wheat and 50% barley malts from New York — and blueberries • 4.8% ABV

• The English Breakfast Ale is a classic english pale ale that has a not-too-hoppy flavor, a slight amber color, and a blend of english and american hops • 5% ABV

• The Ancient Gruit Ale is a sour gruit made from locally picked yarrow, wormwood, local raw honey, and no hops • 5% ABV

• The MVP Lager, a munich helles, is a pale lager with New York pilsner and bavarian hops cultivated from wild, indigenous strains discovered in the Catskills • 6% ABV

• H'ale Odin is a kviek viking ale, fermented with norwegian farmhouse yeast, not too hoppy, and made with pale malt from New York • 6% ABV

• The Got Your Back Stout is an imperial stout that that uses locally roasted sumatra-french decaf coffee, cocoa nibs, oatmeal, and seven different malts • 7% ABV

• The best-seller Double Diabla IPA, an east coast IPA, uses vermont ale yeast, New York columbus and west coast citra and mosaic dry hops for a smooth and perfectly balanced pour • 8% ABV

• The Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is a traditional dark amber scotch ale with toffee overtones and enthusiasm for pairing with strong cheese and bagpipes • 8% ABV

• The Stagecouch Porter is a traditional english porter that's brewed with New York base malt, english brown malt, and new york fuggles hops and aged in bourbon barrels • 8% ABV

BACK SOON • Cider and cyser this week comes from East Hollow Cider, whose 

holistically grown orchard rests along the foot of the Taconic ridge in eastern New York

• The Thistle Hill is a wild-fermented cider from apples foraged from an abandoned farmstead orchard and a surrounding forest of wild apples at a single location in East Hollow. It's pétillant, bone dry, and has round tannins, herbal undertones, a prominent minerality, and a little bit of barnyard. 7.2% ABV.

• The Redfield is a single-varietal farmhouse cider made from the red fleshed American heirloom apple called the Redfield. It’s dry, unfiltered, and bottled with minimal intervention and without adding any sulfites. 7% ABV.

• The Waggle Dance is blended with raw honey from on-orchard hives pre-fermentation and then fermented to dryness. Aged in Hillrock Distillery Rye barrels for up to a year. It's pétillant and has a soft mouthfeel and warm notes of honey, oak, and herbs. 9.5% ABV.