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Hard cider

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Cider and cyser this week comes from East Hollow Cider, whose holistically grown orchard rests along the foot of the Taconic ridge in eastern New York.

• The Thistle Hill is a wild-fermented cider from apples foraged from an abandoned farmstead orchard and a surrounding forest of wild apples at a single location in East Hollow. It's pétillant, bone dry, and has round tannins, herbal undertones, a prominent minerality, and a little bit of barnyard. 7.2% ABV.

• The Redfield is a single-varietal farmhouse cider made from the red fleshed American heirloom apple called the Redfield. It’s dry, unfiltered, and bottled with minimal intervention and without adding any sulfites. 7% ABV.

• The Waggle Dance is blended with raw honey from on-orchard hives pre-fermentation and then fermented to dryness. Aged in Hillrock Distillery Rye barrels for up to a year. It's pétillant and has a soft mouthfeel and warm notes of honey, oak, and herbs. 9.5% ABV.

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